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Dissolved – Surge of the Lucid (DADD10)

For his fiftieth release (and Daddy Tank Records tenth) Dissolved has mined an extremely rare and potent vein of the immersive and melodic electronica that he is so obsessed with. Grainy particulate beats have been pressure fused with immense elegant synths to create a masterpiece of an album that effortlessly manages to straddle experimental and melodic ideas.

The album will be available on 28th January on compact disc in a limited edition of 100. Each will come with a metallic sticker designed by Dissolved.

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"Is this lovely or what. Recommended by Brian Bordello who as we joked last missive out is becoming a regular feature in these pages so much so that we might dedicate a little corner with a pew for him to preach from and in so doing steer some of you more errant charges onto a lifelong path of hip and groovy listening ear ware. Out via the daddy tank imprint who according to Brian will be releasing the bordellos ‘ronco revival sounds’ full length shortly, ‘forgotten processes’ is culled from the 15th outing by dissolved entitled ‘surge of the lucid’ which aside begging the question where have they been all my life we have absolutely no information about. Safe to say this woozy little cutie – which incidentally sneaks beneath the 10 minute ticker tape – initially shimmers into view as though a lovelorn frost glazed Broadcast replete with deeply alluring church toned organ recitals before morphing into a seductively trip wired slice of transcendental beauty softly star sequined with ethereal ghost like femme vocals all traced and trimmed into reality dissipating seas of cosmic baubles, oscillating lunar pirouettes and moon skinned murmurs which chatter, coo and charm like some hyper driving voyage into the minds third eye motored by a crew made up of members of FSOL, Biosphere and echoboy collectively re-wiring as were the original template of elektra’s landmark the zodiac – cosmic sounds set. Each release by all accounts come in limited runs of just 100 of which to date there have been 14 and we want them all."

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