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The Bordellos - Ronco Revival Sound (DADD14)


The Fucked Up Beat – Hunting A Schizophrenic Wolf (DADD13)

Backwards – Pure Will (DADD12)

Dissolved – Surge of the Lucid (DADD10)

Social Studies EP (DADD09)

Suck Susan - No Head In The Helmet (UVG003)

Dissolved - The Amber Surrealizations (DADD07)

Mitoma – Satellite Hive (DADD06)


Lower Third – Hiromi Restraint (UVG002)

Twiggy and the K Mesons - Technique (UVG001)

Dissolved - Snowy Psychoplasmics (DADD03)

rROcCKketT 88 - rROcCKketT 88

Proxemics - Social Studies (DADD02)